release party Alk-Aline
Playing some techno at Alk-Aline Release party

Miss Elorak, was born on the 3 rd of May 1973, by a father fascinated by music. She grew up little by little in a post-modern environment. From childhood onwards, she became attached to the electronic music from those days…
In 1993, she met Popane, Little-Pat and D-Jack (D-Jacking-Zone) whom she lived with sometime. It is definitely D-Jack who pushed her in the right direction. Under his impulse, she started mixing acid and aggressive techno while achieving numerous decorations for events like « Rave Explosion » or « Subground Teknology ».One year later, she organized her first party, Electronik-Dependence, where she met the top of the Belgian techno scene behind the turntables . ( Deg, Sebastian-S, Psychogene..)
In 1995, Miss Elorak went « on the air » in Brussels with her weekly broadcast « Salz » on 106.5 Fm (Radio Crystal) in which she presented exclusively German, Australian, Japanese and Russian promos. It took her another year before she played her own style there in the « Gum » broadcast. Miss Elorak got fed up with the binary style of techno and tasted the dark Drum’n’Bass flavors in 1997. Since that moment, she didn’t stop playing all over Belgium.
June saw the birth of the Pussiestraxes Crew represented by Miss Elorak, Kate and Popane. They immediately became residents at a club in Brussels every Wednesday.
It was only a start, since the Pussiestraxes started to organize their own very successful parties on a monthly basis, gaining respect in the scene… Miss Elorak’s collaborations were not limited to her crew..
She played everywhere in Europe, but its was not enough.
She opened a Records store in the center of Brussels -StressDaBass- only selling electronic music. but after a few years and the fall of the vinyl industry she had to stop.
She continued to play and organizing eclectic parties.
Finally she loves to play many style of music.
Five years ago, she makes a big pause because her boyfriend Touki (72 Records) and her welcomed a little baby boy.
Now, She’s living in Luxembourg but she’s missing mixing music in front op crowed people.
She’s back behind the turntables to play the music she likes the most .